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On Tuesday, May 9th, 2019 the group of 9 people from my school went on Euroweek. It was the second time when my school gave us the opportunity to go on this trip. We started our beautiful journey at the train station in Legnica. Later we had change in Wrocław and then we went by train to Lądek Zdrój. Our trip was pretty cool. We even had a place to sit! It's not very usual phenomenon. When we arrived, we had time to unpack.


In the evening, we went on first activities and we met voluntaries and students from other schools. The voluntaries were different than on first Euroweek but in my opinion they were better than those from the 1st EW- I liked them more. Next morning, we had breakfast and energizer. That was fun - even for me who don't like dancing very much. We spoke only in English, what was hard but we managed to do it. We had some workshop like making posters or advertisements. Every evening we had talent shows. We just had to put some make up and dress up, for example as characters from films (Shrek, Moana etc.). After activities, at 9 p.m. we had parties. On last day we had pizza party so we could order every pizza we wanted. We also had a performance with violin guy from high school, with one of the voluntaries and with two girls from our school. It was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, after the show we had to say goodbye. Everyone were sad and most of people cried.


On May 13th, 2019 we end our trip. We ate breakfast and pack up. We came back by train. We had a change in Wrocław like last time and we went to Legnica. Our parents waited for us at the train station. It was an amazing trip. Ola Gubalska, kl. 7a

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